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Sod all

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For the first time in ages, virtually nothing is out this week. We've already had Sony's high profile mid-week launch of The Getaway so this Friday's pickings are extremely slim.

As far as we know, Infogrames' Superman: The Man of Steel finally arrives on Xbox today - unfortunately, it's met with nothing but derision from reviewers so far.

Only two other games appear this week, and neither is going to excite you either. Bratz on the PC and Bear in the Big Blue House on the PSone. The latter is some sort of children's game, of which we'd steer well clear if we were you.

All of which brings us full circle back to The Getaway. If you haven't already read Eurogamer's review, heed our advice - it's a flawed game but one you'll be hard pressed not to enjoy on some level.

And with that, we'll bid you an early goodnight. Chances are you will be shopping this weekend, whether for games or not, so just remember, Eurogamer has reviewed almost all of this year's big Christmas releases, and you can find our reviews, list them by format, date, sexual preference, monkey affinity - you name it - on this page.

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