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Codemasters launches career advice resource

Advice for aspiring programmers, artists and testers, courtesy of Codies

Publisher Codemasters has launched a number of careers guides aimed at providing practical advice to people trying to make a start in the games industry, with current guides being focused on programming, art and testing positions.

The guides provide reference on the background, education and skills necessary to get started in any of those areas, and have been prepared by people working in those career sectors at Codemasters. Information is also given on the various kinds of roles available within each industry sector.

"The online career advice guides have been launched as a response to the thousands of emails and letters we receive from students seeking recommendation on which courses and qualifications are required to enter the games industry," commented Codies' human resources manager, Stephen Harrison-Mirfield. "We hope the guides will help more people to get the best grounding in education and inspire them to further develop their interest in particular fields."

The Codemasters career advice guides are located at the company's website.