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The one that got away

Retailers are officially flogging The Getaway for the first time this morning, as the game makes its long-awaited PlayStation 2 debut, although many retailers (even online) broke the street date and shipped early, late last week and early this. Opinion seems to be split almost down the middle about the game, with the unhelpfully unkempt demo doing little to settle your nerves. Kristan believes it's an investment worth making, as noted at great length in his comprehensive review, but others on comment threads and forums both here and all over the net are having their say too.

We haven't seen a furore like this since Halo - both games being products of masses of hype (and perhaps over-hype) and neither standing 100 per cent unblemished. Questions marks also linger over the heavy racist content of the game and the explicit non-cartoon violence, although most people outside of the Daily Mail's newsroom would point the BBFC 18 rating adorning the game's cover here in the UK.

If you do plan to buy The Getaway, and it would seem to be a popular choice, you can pick up a copy from the Eurogamer Shop for the surprisingly reasonable price of £34.99.