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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Earth & Beyond free trial

Five days of sci-fi MMORPG, if you’re willing to download it

Congratulations to Westwood and Electronic Arts, for they are the official winners of the Biggest, Most Pointlessly Enormous Downloadable Demo 2002 award from all of us here at Eurogamer. In a year which has seen so many huge (and hugely pointless) demos released by a wide variety of developers and publishers, it's refreshing to come across a team willing to go beyond the fabled 1GB mark just for the compressed installer whilst maintaining a straight face.

What's even more amazing though is that the 1,077.9MB demo, which we won't be mirroring, only entitles players to five days of gameplay to 'try out' the recently (albeit half-heartedly) released sci-fi MMORPG. Amazingly though, Earth & Beyond could well be worth it to some, and GameSpy has already tracked more than 4,000 requests - potentially more than four terabytes in total. Hurrah.

So, if you fancy a piece of this monstrous intergalactic pie, then make your way to GameSpy. Steal their damn bandwidth.