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Condition Zero switches developer

Gearbox dumped in favour of Ritual

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Elite Force II-developer Ritual has seized the reigns of much-delayed Counter-Strike single player project, Condition Zero. In a peculiar announcement, Half-Life creators (back when they bothered to make software) and development overlords Valve confirmed that Ritual have taken over work on the game from previous developer Gearbox Software. No reason for the switch was given, and it's not yet clear how the new team will proceed - it does seem unlikely that the team will start afresh though, particularly after a build of Gearbox's work was demonstrated at E3 in May.

Sections of the press have highlighted a forthcoming joint presentation by Valve and Ritual at the CPL Counter-Strike Championships in Dallas, Texas on December 20th. More will presumably be revealed then.

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