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PS2 Chessmaster to go online

Ubi finally gets it off its chess...

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Ubi Soft has aligned its pieces and checked in with the news that the next Chessmaster game will appear on PlayStation 2 in March, and support online play using Sony's multiplayer games service once it's available.

The game will features tutorials aimed at every level of chess player, and Ubi believes that the online element is key to attracting new fans, in a series of games dating back to 1986. "With Chessmaster, you can play by yourself against personalities of all strengths, from beginners to grandmasters, or you can connect via Sony Online to find a willing and worthy human opponent anytime," Ubi Soft's veepee of marketing Tony Kee said in a statement.

Tutorials will be assembled by Josh Waitzkin and Bruce Pandolfini. Bruce is apparently a renowned chess coach, and we guess Josh must play here and there when his schedule allows it. Chessmaster on PS2 will also feature handicap matches, a fully 3D chess battlefield (ala Harry Potter, hopefully), player stat-tracking and some serious adept artificial opponents.

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