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Pro Evo sells one million in Europe

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2 has sold more than a million units across Europe in its first forty days on sale, Konami reports. That ties in nicely with the fact that its Japanese predecessor, Winning Eleven 6, also sold more than one million units - within eight weeks of going on sale. Said Kunio Neo, President of Konami Europe: "After the success of Winning Eleven 6, we were confident that Pro Evolution Soccer 2 would be warmly received by the public - but these figures are nevertheless extremely pleasing."

On the other hand, the latest ChartTrack figures suggest that leading PS2 rival FIFA Football 2003 has outsold Pro Evo 2 by more than two to one in the UK, with Konami's offering yet to break the 100,000 barrier in the region. Cumulative sales across the many formats FIFA appeared on put it way ahead. However, we reckon the picture would be a lot more interesting if Pro Evo were available on other formats, and not just in Japan - how about it, Konami?