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PS2 VF4 evolves

Sega ports latest arcade fighter to PS2

Virtua Fighter 4 is our favourite beat 'em up on PlayStation 2. There are of course many vying for our attention, but of all of them, none can punch, bodyslam or carve their way into our souls like VF4 did. Which is why Sega's latest Japanese PS2 announcement has us flailing our arms in mock punching delight.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, the arcade update to Sega's beat 'em up, included two new characters (Muay Thai kickboxer Brad Burns and judo guru Goh Hinogami), changes many of the existing moves and adds a new mission mode, and now it's coming to PS2 in Japan next March. Although Sega has yet to comment on a US or European release, it would seem silly not to.