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Molyneux sees consoles in Black & White

Limply subtitled

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has confirmed that the lazily named Black & White: Next Generation will appear on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, describing it as "a totally different Black & White experience for the console gamer", despite sounding very similar. According to IGN, players will control a giant god-like creature, roaming, performing miracles, solving puzzles and duelling with adversaries. The object is apparently to gain faith from the people and become the one god in the land of Eden.

Somewhat wisely, Molyneux hasn't been talking about release dates this time around. We're not even going to guess when they'll finish this one, but let's hope it doesn't take as long as the still unreleased PSone version (which is still coming, we're told) or the abandoned Dreamcast version.

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