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Blizzard's DemoCraft includes full ver add-ons

WarCraft III virgins and fanatics alike rejoice

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Despite WarCraft III having already bucked the downward trend in PC games sales with a true Reign Of Chaos, Blizzard has just this week released the long-awaited demo of the game. The reason being that the PC developer wanted to create an entirely new section of WCIII for the demo - and has done. The new three-level single player demo chronicles the Orcs' travels from Lordaeron to Kalimdor, and Blizzard has also thrown in three multiplayer maps for use in the full game. We seem to recall that the benevolent developer did something similar for the last WarCraft game.

So, whether you're mulling over a totally unfestive festive RTS purchase, or just fancy trying out some new levels, there's something there for everyone. And although it's still not the best possible figure, the demo only weighs in at about 100MB. Not bad in these days of CD-filling whoppers. You can pick it up here from FilePlanet.

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