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J-Lo meets Donkey Kong, thanks to Kevin Smith

Rescue Ben Affleck... but why?

Film director Kevin Smith has had a videogame produced to thank celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for appearing in his latest movie, Jersey Girl, the BBC reports.

"Jen Saves Ben" was produced by Texas-based Powerhouse Animation Studios, and is similar to the original Donkey Kong, with J-Lo busting her way through a warehouse to rescue a chained up Affleck. Along the way, she runs into Affleck's screenwriting partner Matt Damon as an evil robot, before having to defeat the villainous Dr. Smith to rescue her fiancée.

The game is said to include a Lopez soundtrack and 1980s style martial arts gameplay. It gives players three lives with which to rescue Affleck, and upon doing so the couple kiss. Aw.

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