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Orange gets games IN-FUSION

More Java, sweetpea?

IN-FUSIO will provide mobile games to Orange SA's 21 worldwide subsidiaries, the mobile operator has announced. IN-FUSIO has served Orange's French operation since July 2001, and starting early this month will begin supplying mobile games in the UK and many other regions.

Orange's investors will be hoping that IN-FUSIO's claims of a broadly accessible mobile games standard will coax more developers of mobile Java games into working for Orange. IN-FUSIO's founder and CEO Gilles Raymond certainly thinks it can happen, pointing to the firm's more than 10 million recorded game sessions in a year statistic as a validation of its claims.

Orange's Head of Games Alan Welsman commented: "Orange is determined to be the preferred network for mobile entertainment and this deal represents the next stage in the evolution towards a console gaming experience on the mobile phone."