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Shrouded Isles come to Camelot!

It’s only a model...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wanadoo will publish the first official Dark Age of Camelot add-on in February, and we have a batch of new screenshots to illustrate the expansion here. The Shrouded Isles of the title introduce 18 new zones over three new territories (one per realm), three new races, six new character classes, countless new monsters and weapons and of course additional quest content. Developer Mythic claims that the add-on's visuals will benefit from version 4.0 of the NetImmerse engine and most of DirectX 8.1's environmental effects (shadows, rippling water, etc), so the add-on to the 100,000-selling MMORPG looks set to make quite a splash when it arrives in February. Assuming the lakes aren't all iced over.

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