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Delta Force/Black Thorn competition winners

Were you one of the lucky 15?

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Last week's competition attracted a surprising number of entrants, and the question seemed to probe you a bit deeper than our regular efforts. Many of you actually got it quite severely wrong! We asked you, which of the supplied answers was not a Delta Force or Tom Clancy game, and the correct answer was of course Bravo Two Zero. Nice though it probably would be to lead Sean Bean to certain death at the hands of terrorists (are you paying attention, Mr. Clancy?)

And onto our winners this week. Despite forcing me to actually read many of the entries to check for, well, wanton stupidity, I have unearthed a selection of winners, who will be informed of their success via email shortly. Once you're your addresses have been collected, Eurogamer and NovaLogic will get the games out to you.

So congratulations are in order for...

Steven O'Mara

Eric Carter

Cameron Corley

Dominic Grise

David Kiernan

James Pritchett

Johnathan Rowlands

Ryan Michael

Collin Dalgleish

Steven Lawton

Adam Dziarnowski

Chris Kane

Declan Murray

Conor Murray

Chris Woods

Thanks to everyone who took part. Keep your eyes peeled today, and you'll be able to 'compete' for a brace of PS2 shoot 'em ups.

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