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GT Advance 3 announced

Ships in spring 2003

GT Advance, the GBA's first real racing game, is to receive its second sequel by spring 2003, series publisher THQ has revealed. GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing will include more than 90 of the world's top cars, 46 tracks spanning various weather climates and other totally unsurprising features.

Although a THQ spokeswoman confirmed that GT Advance is "still the best selling racing simulation franchise on GameBoy Advance," we're hoping that a little more effort goes into the third game. The first was an acceptable racer which flirted with the GBA's many abilities, and while the second came still closer to impressing us, the presence of Infogrames' competing V-Rally 3 - a frankly awesome GBA racer - left us quite nonplussed. Hopefully Pro Concept Racing will learn some lessons and return refreshed in the New Year.