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Bond with your light gun

From the ‘we don’t normally but this looks cool’ catalogue

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Third party console peripherals are something we're often scornful about. Let's face it - most of them are tacky, badly made cheap plastic knock-offs of the real thing which, amazingly, manage to sabotage any inherent usability and leave sharp-edged etchings in your palm. Light guns are often the worst, and even the 'official' options are sometimes terrible. I still have trouble explaining the Dreamcast light gun to visitors...

Do you expect me to talk?

However, the PS2 has a perfectly serviceable setup thanks to Namco's Gun-Con 2, arguably the finest weightless blue projectile weapon we've ever come across. It's going to take some serious competition to have us change... and whaddyaknow, 4Gamers reckon they have just the answer.

The new 4Gamers Walther P99 light gun (for PS2, PSone and PSX) scores major brownie points on several levels; it has all the functionality and connections of a regular Gun-Con 2 (not to mention backwards compatibility), it has a vibration motor, it looks like an actual gun and, this is the clincher folks, it's the gun that James Bond uses.

One seems to recall Brosnan first picked it up in GoldenEye... or was it in Michelle Yeoh's peculiar communist arms bunker in Tomorrow Never Dies? Either way, the P99 has an inimitable charm thanks to Mr. Bond's fine work. The only problem (for 4Gamers at least) is letting people know this. Their model SPC211 light gun is perfectly able to carry the Walther name, but in the absence of an official James Bond license, it's unlikely to win too much publicity for its fame...

We'll be trying to get our hands on one of these shortly for, er, research purposes. If it stands up to our tests, we'll be sure to let you know.

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