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Impossible multiplayer test

Relic’s latest RTS needs 20,000 of you

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Relic Entertainment's Impossible Creatures needs stress testing, the developer has announced in conjunction with publisher Microsoft. For this reason, 20,000 gamers can get their hands on a multiplayer test version of the game at this location. Despite launching yesterday, it seems that some places are still available. Or at least, that's the impression we get.

Those lucky enough to make it onto the 'test' will be able to take part in three multiplayer maps and a tutorial, with a pre-built army of combined animals at their disposal. 20 are included in this version, with 50 to appear in the final game.

For the uninitiated, Impossible Creatures is an unlikely 3D RTS which pits players against an evil madman, using Earth's most formidable animals as building blocks to create genetically altered mutant monsters.

According to the press release, the first 20,000 downloaders will get their hands on the test version. It's not altogether clear what any subsequent downloads will end up with, but our guess is 'not a lot'. Get in there while you can.

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