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2015 working on secret action game

For the French!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

MOHAA (what a charming abbreviation that is) creators 2015 are working on a secret "action" game according to reports from the US. What's more Vivendi is so impressed by the idea of 2015 working on an "action" game that they've picked the title up to be published by Sierra. "Medal of Honor clearly illustrates the degree to which 2015 can create exciting and successful games," according to VU Games CEO Ken Cron. "By leveraging our global sales and distribution network, we look forward to bringing 2015's newest release to gamers around the world."

Meanwhile, 2015 president Tom Kudirka confessed to being "very excited". Sadly, he wouldn't elaborate on 2015's secret "action" game, but we expect to see some more of it when the intrigue and interest in general has died down and nobody remembers this announcement.

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