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America's Patch

All the stuff they promised

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"What is your major malfunction?" is probably something the QA testers on America's Army hear day in, day out, without it ever really becoming funny... Still, they do a good job, and the latest fruits of their labours have finally arrived as part of today's America's Army patch.

Fixing many bugs and introducing a number of new features (a River Basin map, a new scoring system, binoculars, iron sight movement, a new honour system, etc) the patch weighs in at a pretty sizeable 45MB for those running the current version 1.3. Anybody still using v1.2.1 is looking at a 74MB download, and if you fancy trying AA for the first time, you can look forward to hauling a 290MB installation file down your copper.

Anyway, each of the upgrade files and the full game are available from the official home of AA downloads.

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