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Eidos launches monkey map site

Get the most out of that TS2 mapmaker

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We don't normally bother you with PR-centric website launches, but Eidos' latest web-based TimeSplitters 2 offshoot is actually quite useful. Appallingly uncharacteristic, we agree.

The new site is dedicated to TimeSplitters 2's oft-overlooked mapmaker. A very versatile tool, Eidos is encouraging gamers to pay it a bit more attention by producing in-depth tutorials to lead you through the process of building your first few levels.

Ok, arguably this should all have found its way into the game, but Eidos and developers Free Radical can be forgiven. The new website currently features two tutorials; one on building a deathmatch arena and one focusing on Bagman mode.

You can also download button function details (i.e. a definitive reference guide for what all of the buttons on PS2, Xbox and Cube pads do in the mapmaker), and there are two as-yet unpopulated sections still on the way - "monkey maps", where we guess you can download or at least view monkey's creations, and reference, which will include details on the various bits and pieces and a general FAQ once completed.

And since all this takes place in a little window on your desktop with a Flash-based monkey racing around, we can't really complain. We like monkeys.

So, TS2 fans, your mission is clear: spank the monkey... at mapmaking.

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