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Dead to Rights enhanced for Europe

PAL version tweaked extensively

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco's Dead To Rights is due out on Xbox on January 31st, and publisher EA has been in contact to let us know that the PAL release has been tweaked extensively since its release in the US, where the game was subject to a degree of critical acclaim.

Dead To Rights stars a maverick cop, Jack Slate, fighting crime in the fictional Grant City. Slate is forced to go to Max Payne-esque lengths to uncover the truth, yadda yadda, and to make his job easier, Namco has been strengthening the foundations.

It is thought that these changes will also apply to the PS2 and Cube versions of the game.

A number of changes have been made to the game to make it more accessible, chiefly the addition of three difficulty levels (and the promise of a certain percentage of health restored upon continuing after death). Other additions include an option to invert Y-axis control (much like many other first and third person shooters), new moves for Jack's hand-to-hand repertoire, further balancing of boss encounters and mini-games and tweaks to the auto-targeting system. All of which stands to make Jack a more amiable cop.

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