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AquaNox 2 trailer released

And exclusive screens

Since we posted news of the German-language AquaNox 2 demo earlier today, the game's publisher JoWooD Productions has been in contact with news of a brand new trailer for those not adventurous enough to brave the language barrier, and they were kind enough to send over some brand new, exclusive screenshots while they were at it, which you can see here.

The three minute trailer, which is available in high (720x576, 57.3MB), medium (360x288, 22.6MB) and low (360x288, 10MB) quality versions, showcases the breathtaking underwater landscape detail and furnishings of the new cockpit. The newly updated krass engine, which powers the game, is capable of some truly stunning effects and JoWooD (and, doubtless, developer Massive Entertainment) recommend the high quality trailer to really get an eyeful of what's to come.

AquaNox 2: Revelation was recently slipped to Q1 2003 in order for Massive to affect further changes and add a layer of polish to the game ahead of its release. We think it's safe to say, based on this trailer and our dabblings with the German demo, that it's going to be a beautiful game, however it turns out.