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Summoner on Cube, again

The Prophecy fulfilled

As reported by IGN and others in September, THQ is planning to release Summoner 2 on Nintendo GameCube during Q2 2003, going by the name of Summoner: The Prophecy. This after the PS2 version of the game failed to make the console's Top 40 here in the UK - quite a spectacular bombing (source: ChartTrack).

Summoner: The Prophecy will be largely the same as the PS2 version - a long, sprawling action RPG starring Queen Maia of Halassar on a path to save all creation (as written in the Book of the Prophets). The Queen (you are a Queen) has to fulfil this prophecy by becoming the goddess Laharah, but that's quite a way down the road (40 hours or so according to those who have finished the PS2 version).

We'll let you know if THQ plans to change anything in Summoner's make-up prior to its summer release - regardless, it should be one for starving RPG fans on the Cube to keep an eye on.

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