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Square plans FFXI expansion disc

More content than a patch can offer

Square has been steadily patching PS2 MMORPG Final Fantasy XI since it was first released via downloadable updates, picked up at the start of each gaming session. However, the Japanese gaming giant now plans to release an expansion disc for the game entitled Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Girade according to The Magic Box. All previous updates will be rolled into the expansion, along with a lot of new content including new towns, areas, summon beasts, character abilities, items and equipment. However, Square has yet to reveal how it plans to distribute the disc, whether it will be free or whether they plan to charge for it. If they do indeed plan to flog it, the extra content must be really quite extensive.

It's also unclear whether the expansion disc will be made available for PS2 and PC owners.

FFXI continues not to be released in the US or Europe. Many now suspect a PS2 version may never appear in these climes, and that the PC version (recently released in Japan) is our only hope.

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