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Sega could drop Cube Sports line

If it doesn’t sell, why sell it?

IGN is reporting via the Dow Jones News that Sega may discontinue its Sega Sports line on GameCube starting next year. Poor sales are blamed for the move, with the Sega Sports NFL and NBA 2K3 games both tanking on GameCube - in October, NBA 2K3 sold 98,000 units on PS2, 53,000 units on Xbox and 7,000 units on the Cube. Go back a month and you'll find similar figures for NFL 2K3, while EA's competing Madden NFL 2003 sold several times as many copies on the platform.

Sega is "evaluating" its position according to a Sega of America spokesperson. It's thought that this move will see only Sega Sports games stripped from the platform, so with any luck arcade sports titles like Beach Spikers, Soccer Slam and Virtua Striker will remain. Well, perhaps not Virtua Striker...

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