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WE6 Final Evolution dates and details

Japs get online capability, but relax, it’s not what you think

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Japanese footy fans are set to benefit from two new Winning Eleven games according to developer/publisher Konami. The previously announced World Soccer Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution will be released on both PS2 (Dec 12th) and GameCube (Jan 30th) with all the data and changes which made up the gap between WE6 and Pro Evo 2 in Europe.

Although it's not clear if the Cube version is actual Pro Evo (we're more or less resigned to buying it to eke this information out), the PS2 version certainly is, and Konami has revealed that it will also feature online support... but only to download new player and team data via PlayStationBB. Our dream of a proper multiplayer service for Pro Evo is still a bit pie in the sky, although KCET can't be thinking of much else right now.

IGN reports that the American release of Winning Eleven 6 due in March will not be Final Evolution, so it looks like the West is uniformly behind Japan.

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