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Chart Attack

Vice up your life

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Rockstar's GTA: Vice City held off a posse of big name titles to maintain pole position on the All Format charts this week, despite the arrival of the latest Harry Potter title (No.4) and WWE Smackdown 4 (No.3), but there were some shocks elsewhere with some big hitters failing to make a significant impact on their opening weekend.

Perhaps the biggest shock was the dismal performance of Square/Disney's Kingdom Hearts, which limped in at a miserable No.35. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (GC, Xbox, PSone) debuted at No.25, presumably a result of Activision's decision to release it a week early without publicising the fact, and the PS2 version not being available until this Friday.

Meanwhile, THQ's big FPS hope, Red Faction II only managed to enter at No.17, while Microsoft's long awaited PC title Combat Flight Sim 3 squeaked in at No.34.

Microsoft's big Xbox title for Christmas, Blinx, has vanished from the All Format chart after just one week; while Vivendi's long awaited GameCube FPS Die Hard Vendetta didn't even make the top 40.

Another Cube flop has been Star Wars: The Clone Wars - which made a very quiet debut, managing No.6 on the Cube chart, but not getting close to the All Format Top 40.

Even further down the listings, in the GBA chart, FIFA 2003 made No.20, while Ubi Soft's Tomb Raider: The Prophecy managed to make it to No.29.

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