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ANNO 1503 fastest seller in Germany

Global release on February 28th

PC real-time strategy game ANNO 1503 - The New World sold more than 200,000 units in less than two weeks, making it the fastest selling PC game the German market has ever seen, publisher Electronic Arts has today revealed. Following the game's success in Germany, ANNO 1503 is set for a global release on February 28 of next year, localised for five languages.

ANNO 1503 is the follow-up to the immensely successful ANNO 1602, which sold over 2.5 million units worldwide, amassing a strong following in Germany where it was developed by Sunflowers Interactive.

EA and Sunflowers believe that it's ANNO's mix of Sim City style empire building and traditional RTS gaming which has so endeared it to gamers around the world. Sunflowers also points out that the game's AI takes its cue from the player, marshalling its forces peacefully and aggressively as the game unfolds.

"We're obviously thrilled with the sales success in Germany. ANNO 1503 has set a new record here that I doubt will be beaten for a very long time," said Sunflowers MD Adi Boiko.

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