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Lost Kingdoms II confirmed

Activision gets it again

From Software's follow-up to partly successful card/RPG 'em up Rune will appear in the US (and Europe) once again thanks to Activision, and will unsurprisingly take the moniker of Lost Kingdoms II. The game is expected to hit the US sometime in spring, setting us up for a summer/winter European release, as with the first game.

Lost Kingdoms II is set 200 years after the events of the first game, and once again players will defend the realm of Argwyll from an insidious new evil. Cue 26 3D levels, more than 200 Guardian Creature Cards (including 100 which summon impressive new beings) and the traditional mixture of random real-time combat and irritating difficult puzzles.

Hopefully Lost Kingdoms II will turn out a bit better than its predecessor, but as long as From Software have learnt their lessons this isn't too hard to imagine.