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EVE stays on track

Enters third phase of beta testing

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EVE Online: The Second Genesis has entered the third stage of beta testing, according to publisher Crucial, which means its stays on track for an ominous Q1 2003 launch date. More than just an arbitrary point at which to issue a press release [cynic! -Ed], stage three sees the implementation of "important gameplay features and finished major technological milestones" according to the game's art director and one of developer CCP's founders, Reynir Hardarsson.

New features include: an extensive agent system, whereby players can receive missions, loans and info from agents; a fully scalable and rotatable 3D map through which to navigate the immense EVE universe; and combat drones, which allow players to launch small fighter-craft from their own hulks to engage enemy forces.

There are more than 85,000 beta testers currently signed up to play EVE, and you can join them by doing likewise at And those of you with a serious passion for EVE can chat with the developers on November 22nd in a chat specially arranged by fan site Details will be posted there soon.

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