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Sega cures PSO ills in Japan

Send and patch

Sega has promised that the nasty disconnection bug afflicting broadband Phantasy Star Online players will be fixed and game discs replaced. That's the latest word from Japan on a saga that's becoming hugely embarrassing both to Sega and Cube platform holder Nintendo.

Fixed game discs will be available to Japanese punters from December. Those affected will be able to send their game disc, receipt, serial number and access key off to Sega and will be dispatched a new and unblemished master.

It is not known if the broadband adapter problem also plagues the US release of the game, but we've yet to see any reports. Either way, any differences are bound to be resolved prior to a European release, although rumours are afoot in some circles that Sega plans to can PSO for the Cube before it can do them any more damage...