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World Champ Snooker back for 2003

Codemasters hits an early break

World Championship Snooker 2003 is underway and on its way to PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, publisher Codemasters has been bellowing this week. Developed by UK-based Blade Interactive Studios, Snooker 2003 aims to match its current game engine with highly detailed visuals. Changes under the bonnet include tweaked AI (with some babbling about "neural network techniques" that we're not too sure about) and enhanced physics. The game gets far more than a lick of paint in the visuals department, with motion-captured player models using 9,000-15,000 polygons and all sorts of sweeping camerawork to accentuate the action.

Snooker 2003 will also introduce a couple of new Pool game modes; nine-ball and English eight-ball, and aims to be the most realistic cloth-and-balls simulation since Friday night at The Queen's Head.