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If Microsoft or Nintendo were hoping to spoil this particular Friday in November for Sony, they have singularly failed to do so. Microsoft made the stronger effort of the two, bringing us Blinx: The Time Sweeper (6/10, disappointing) and Sega GT 2002 (pretty ghastly), with MicroMachines (fairly decent) and a few other ports including EA's Lord Of The Rings game to mull over, but Nintendo's effort is virtually non-existent. Big Air Freestyle and Top Gun - Combat Zones fight over the scraps. Hardly impressive. Even the GBA is suffering this week, with Smuggler's Run Advance about the only thing to catch our attention.

And the reason that Microsoft and Nintendo are being forced to fight over scraps elbowed from Sony's table is that today marks the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I know this. You know this. In fact, I'd be surprised if the majority of the people reading this weren't already in possession of, or well on their way to owning a copy of the above. It is of course the best game on the PS2 at the moment, all hyperbole aside, and that's down to creativity, diversity and quality. You can read all about it in our featured review here.

Even besides Vice City though, PS2 owners have plenty to consider as they poke through the racks at their local games emporium. Ratchet & Clank, the spiritual successor to Jak & Daxter, appears in all its space-hopping metallic glory, although we're not sure it's up to the (admittedly very high) standards of Naughty Dog's platformer, which has been available on budget for a while. This week's Platinum highlight though is Capcom's Devil May Cry. Who can argue with a half-devil for twenty quid, eh? And beyond that, there's MicroMachines and EA's Lord Of The Rings title.

Of course, those of you who do most of your gaming in the serious confines of the study, as the monitor illuminates dusty bookcases and reflects in the horn-rimmed specs perched on the bridge of your nose, will be thrilled to learn that this week isn't a complete washout for you either. Age of Mythology is the exceedingly long-awaited follow-up to Age of Empires II, and Arx Fatalis is one of the best Western RPGs we've played in a while. Add to that a top arcade racer in the shape of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and a budget soupcon in the shape of C&C Red Alert 2, and you can't really go wrong.

And even Sony fans a generation behind can enjoy themselves this weekend. We're not sure how good World Rally Championship 2002 Arcade actually is, but as the saying goes, it's bound to be better than nothing.

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