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Robotech: The Release Saga

GBA, PS2, Xbox, Cube – that order

TDK looks set to launch Robotech in the UK and Europe by the end of 2002. Robotech: Battlecry, the series' standard bearer, will appear on PlayStation 2 on November 29th, with Xbox and Cube versions following on December 13 and in the New Year respectively. But in the meantime, Robotech: The Macross Saga will be released on GameBoy Advance next Friday, November 15th.

Battlecry, developed by the tough-sounding Vicious Cycle, is a third-person shooter based on the popular anime series. Starring Jack Archer, a new character and fighter pilot in the Robotech Defence Force, the game follows various battles with the invading Zentraedi played from within a Veritech Fighter, which can transform into a jet fighter, a 40-foot humanoid robot and a hybrid which combines elements of both.

Meanwhile, The Macross Saga is a side-scrolling shooter starring various members of the TV show cast on a mission to save Earth from the Zentraedi. Players can fly either the Veritech Fighter or an armoured Destroid, with an option for two-player co-op and 1-4-payer deathmatch.