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Jester’s Manic Java

Mobile games get a retro kick

Jester Interactive is set to enter the mobile games arena by bringing Manic Miner to Java-enabled mobile phones. Having already proven its popularity on the GBA, Manic Miner seemed like the obvious choice for Jester's first foray, with Jester's Martin Kitney commenting that "with the technology available from a Java enabled mobile phone, quality games are now a viable option."

The Java version of Manic Miner will feature all of the original's twenty levels, and there may well be cause for Jester to develop more and release them periodically to users via download.

Jester is also planning to drag more retro titles out of its archive, but for the moment Manic Miner is being left to try and pierce the market on its own, arriving just in time for buyers of the slew of Java-enabled phones out this Christmas to take advantage.