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Sony says no to tits

Acclaim forced to edit BMX XXX for PS 2 audience

Acclaim has been forced to edit scenes containing topless nudity from the PS2 version of BMX XXX, after Sony ruled that it would not accept the game in its original state. However, Nintendo and Microsoft have no plans to censor the game, which appears on November 29th on all three home console formats and GBA.

Several American retailers had previously announced plans to boycott sales of the game because of the various strippers, pimps and coarse language, and the horrifying tagline "Keep It Dirty". It appears that these retailers are happy to stock Take-Two's GTA: Vice City however, which contains all of the above along with widespread, indiscriminate violence to all comers and a message that crime really does pay. Hardly good, wholesome, family entertainment, chaps, but then again who are we to poke fun at retailers' situational morals?

Update - Acclaim were good enough to speak to us earlier today and pointed out that the censorship above is limited to the USA. As it stands, us Europeans still stand to receive the strippers/pimps/coarse language in the PS2, Xbox and Cube versions.