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CDV to publisher Panzers

Dirty rotten S.W.I.N.E!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Panzers, a 3D tactical combat title from Hungarian studio Stormregion, has found a European publisher in the shape of CDV. "[Panzers] looks set to push the 3D tactical combat genre to a new level," CDV UK president Terry Malham commented. "The 3D graphics are simply revolutionary and the circulating tech demo caused quite a stir among editors and gamers alike."

If you remember the name Stormregion, it's because you're a connoisseur of obscure RTS titles like S.W.I.N.E, and there's nowt wrong with that. As the name here suggest though, Panzers finds it roots in the relative comfort of the second World War, as over a hundred massive Russian, Germany and Allied tanks meet in three campaigns comprising more than 30 single player missions.

CDV has released some early screenshots of the game, which you can view here, although it probably won't be released until the end of 2003.

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