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TS2 is on store shelves in UK

Reports of slippage greatly exaggerated

Rumours have emerged that the GameCube version of TimeSplitters 2 is not on store shelves and won't be until November 15th. However, Eurogamer can categorically refute these claims on behalf of sleepy-eyed publisher Eidos in the UK. We know the game is on store shelves, because when we tired of the Beano this weekend, we toddled into a shop called Unadulterated Megastore (names changed to protect the innocent) and purchased a shiny new copy of the game. It is quite literally on sale in the UK.

However, further investigation via internet-based gaming boutiques in France, Germany and Australia reveal that you can buy the game across the channel with a goat's cheese-based credit card, and that you can also pick it up elsewhere on the continent, but that if you head down under things become a bit despondent. expects the game's release on November 20th, while seems to say November 15th and we're not even sure Amazon have a dedicated Australian outlet any more.

Meanwhile, PS2 and Xbox versions of the game have been on sale since October 18th. Apparently it's another case of irregular-disc-breeds-manufacturing-delay. Or it's Nintendo's fault. Or both. Either way, it's worth multi-platform owning Aussies remembering that the game looks just as good (and in released fashion) on PS2 and Xbox. Perhaps waiting for that Cube port is a pointless exercise after all?