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GTA3 breaks sales record

And Europe's Vice City allocation could be too small - bah!

Grand Theft Auto 3 just keeps on breaking records. The latest official UK ChartTrack figures from the ELSPA monthly software report reveal that Rockstar's opus has now broken the one million unit barrier - thought to be the first time that a game has managed this feat since records began.

And what makes this achievement even more incredible is that unlike just about every other game out there, it has managed all of its sales without being reduced in price. Now that's a sign of a good game. Sam Houser and company must be chuffed.

Obviously, GTA: Vice City will now be at the forefront of your minds, and word has it that Europe has around one million units of the game to go around - meaning the UK is likely to have just 200,000 to go around. If you haven't already pre-ordered this title, our advice is to sort it out sharpish if you have any intention of playing the game when it hits the street on November 8.