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Gamers to see Two Towers in London

EA invites you to a day of PS2 adventure and Peter Jackson leg-humping

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Electronic Arts will take over Waterstone's in Piccadilly, London next Wednesday to demonstrate their Two Towers-based PS2 adventure game. EA is inviting gamers to come and play the game, which "will allow players and fans of the movies to relive the most memorable moments from the first two films," quite a feat given we've only seen one of them.

Also present on the day will be an exhibition of 18 exclusive stills of the cast from the next film, and EA is lining up book-signings (although presumably not with Tolkien himself) and a limited edition Alan Lee lithograph giveaway. However they've plunged what could be a perfectly geeky day out into anarchy and confusion with the addition of "face painters and magicians". Perhaps it'll keep the kids busy.

Fans in the area should get own to Waterstone's sometime between 10am and 10pm on November 6th, if only to catch the latest never-before-seen movie footage.

EA's Lord of the Rings game, based on the movie adaptation rather than the original books, will appear on PlayStation 2 and GameBoy Advance next Friday, November 8th.

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