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Baldur's Late for Xbox and Cube

Cube version goes gold, but it's still miles off in Europe

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The GameCube incarnation of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance has been declared gold and shipped off to manufacturers by developer High Voltage Software. With more than half a million sales worldwide of the PS2 version, the Cube and recently completed Xbox versions are expected to sell handsomely, and deservedly so - Dark Alliance is one of the PS2's finest RPGs.

Unfortunately, Europe is lagging well behind the US when it comes to publisher Interplay's release schedule, and while the yanks will have this Cube release on November 15th, gamers on this side of the pond will need to hang on until Q1 2003 for the Xbox version and Q2 for the Cube release according to the latest release data on file.

Nevertheless, we have managed to get our hands on a pre-release Xbox version of the game, and we'll bring you our thoughts on how it shapes up next to the PS2 version in due course.

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