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Getaway expansion, sequel planned

Oh getaway...

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Sony Europe plans to develop a 12-mission expansion pack and a sequel to Team Soho's ambitious, as-yet unreleased tale of organised crime, The Getaway. Despite a strong presence at The PlayStation Experience in August, many still view the game with cynicism after an extensive development period full of highly publicised setbacks. Nevertheless, Sony is firing ahead with its expansion plans.

"With Getaway 2 what we're thinking about is where we can go with the story," the game's director Brendan McNamara told C&VG. "The current plan is to do another 12 missions - The Getaway has 24 missions - which would be an add-on centring on Mark." McNamara claims the full-blown sequel will take two years.

The Getaway is currently due for release in December, and although Sony is pinning its first party hopes on it, many suspect that Rockstar North's GTA Vice City will fill far more stockings this Christmas.

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