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Neocron competition winners

Did you win? Well, find out!

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Today marks the release of sci-fi MMORPG spectacular Neocron, and as you well know, we recently teamed up with publisher CDV to offer you a bumper Neocron goodie pack and 10 copies of the game. As much as it pains us to give them away, our hand has been forced, so it gives me contractual pleasure to reveal that the grand prize winner, who takes home a pack containing the game, cap, T-shirt and other trinkets, is none other than Rob Wilson, who correctly guessed that the game is set in the 28th Century.

The ten lucky runners-up, who will also walk off with a copy of the game, are listed below. Congratulations if you won - check your inbox, you'll be receiving details shortly.

Nick Dyson

Matt Plumtree

Colin Campbell

Kevin Murray

Jon Webb

Sam Gibson

William Cowie

Andrew Shaw

David Starr

Adrian Dawson

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