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Haven: Call of the Consoles

Multi-platform future for ambitious adventure

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Haven: Call of the King, the ambitious multi-faceted adventure game from UK-based Traveller's Tales, will appear on Xbox and GameCube in early 2003, with the PS2 version set to go on sale in less than a month on November 18th.

The news came to light in a release highlighting the quality of the art direction in the game, which comes courtesy of freelance designer and illustrator Rodney Matthews, whose fantasy, fairy tale and sci-fi plaudits range from work in TV, books and videogames to the Chris Beetles Gallery in London's West End and 70s album artwork for Thin Lizzy and several others.

Haven itself is a peculiar project. Enormously ambitious, it aims to combine the best parts of just about any genre you might care to mention - adventure, RPG, action, shooter, puzzler, racer, etc - into one cohesive character-driven storyline.

Eurogamer has just taken delivery of the PS2 version, and will be bringing you first impressions before the end of the week.

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