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Mad Dog 2: DVD or game?

Digital Leisure announces interactive adventure for... DVD movie players?

Digital Leisure will soon release a remastered version of American Laser Games' Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold on DVD. However, instead of a movie, buyers will end up with what's described as a fully interactive adventure for DVD movie players, and Digital Leisure is keen to highlight the 'game's compatibility with PlayStation 2 and Xbox platforms.

Players will apparently use their DVD remotes to aim and fire as they race a notorious outlaw and his gang of henchman to a vat of lost Spanish treasure. You'll also have to make decisions about which guides to trust and which trails to follow.

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold began life as a laserdisc arcade game, but Digital Leisure's decision to release it as an interactive DVD rather than a game in the traditional sense gives them a number of advantages over rivals. The game will be cheaper, doesn't have to adhere to strict platform content and licensing regulations, and is also compatible with multiple platforms and DVD movie players in addition to games consoles.

There's no news on a European release, but thanks to the widespread proliferation of Datel's DVD Region X devices and region-free DVD players, imports (for those who actually fancy them) should be a lot simpler.