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Tennis Masters due in November

Microids’ world tennis tour for Xbox, PC and GBA

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tennis Masters Series 2003 is due out on Xbox, PC and GameBoy Advance on November 1st, with a PS2 version shortly afterward, publisher Microids has informed us this afternoon. TMS 2003 lets you participate in the ATP's prestigious tournament-of-the-title, in a globe-spanning tour which crosses the hard courts of Indian Wells, Miami, Toronto and Cincinnati, the clay courts of Monte Carlo, Rome and Hamburg and the indoor courts of Madrid and Paris. With 6,000 polygons per each of the 67 motion-captured players, TMS 2003 should look great, and a lot of the detail has been spent on facial expressions and animation.

Microids has also released a PC demo of the game (sized 54MB), which you can download from the game's official website.

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