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Game On competition winners

Did you win? Four of you did. But which four!

When we first realised we had four pairs of tickets to the Game On exhibition in Edinburgh, we were tempted to pair you up and make you go with total strangers. That's the sort of crazy, happy-go-lucky fellas we are. Fortunately for you, our bosses thought it was stupid, irresponsible and potentially illegal, so we instead elected to offer four pairs of tickets, and leave the partner issues up to you lot.

Anyway, today is the first day of the exhibition, and the competition is officially over. We've picked the winners entirely at random from those who answered correctly, but just to recap, the question was, which is the oldest game on display at the exhibition? And the answer was of course 'Spacewar!', as it says on the front page of the exhibition website. Only 11 of you got it wrong - something of an improvement on last time. So, without further ado, the four lucky recipients of free tickets to the Game On exhibition in Edinburgh are:

David Bodycombe

Paul Keir

Michael Stirling

Alan Daly

Congratulations to each of the winners. You will shortly be notified by email, and hopefully we'll have your prizes to you very soon.