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Transconsole Surf

Infogrames’ Xbox surfer comes to Cube

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you share our fond memories of Angel Studios' Xbox launch title Transworld Surf, then you'll probably be pleased to hear that the game is headed to GameCube, admittedly rather late, with a number of exclusive features to make it more appealing. The changes take the form of a new level (Surf Antarctica, with its ice caves and frosty waters), 13 new hidden characters and a pro surf shop for customising each character.

Otherwise it's business as usual with 13 surfing pros to choose from and 20 'breaks' modelled after 11 real-world locations (from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Fiji and Indonesia), the usual Tony Hawk-esque trick sequences and a Karma meter which depending on your skill gives you enough karma to repel shark attacks and other environmental obstacles.

It'll be a while before Transworld Surf arrives on the Cube, but when it does it should make a significant splash.

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