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CDV launches Mini Combat II

Turn-based strategic web game sequel goes live

After the success of turn-based strategy web game Mini Combat, which ran at a rate of 50 games per hour for eight whole months (about 300,000 battles in total), publisher CDV has finally released Mini Combat II to celebrate and accompany the release of PC strategy title Combat Mission 2 (which went on sale last Friday).

This time around, the resolution of the isometric-perspective visuals has been upped, and a new engineer unit has been added to construct tank traps and lay mines (and capture enemy bases). The new version also features an improved real-time ladder system and a redesigned foyer with player chat.

After spending a few minutes ourselves being pummelled at the hands of various CDV staffers, we had to get back to work, but for those of you reading this while your hapless employers think you're working, there is little excuse for missing out - enlist immediately at www.minicombat.com.