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OpFlash Resistance patched

New features galore, along with multiple bug fixes

Codemasters have released an update for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, sized 13.6MB, which is available from the game's microsite ( direct link to download area). Players will need both the OpFlash: Cold War Crisis and Resistance packs to use the upgrade.

The update, which takes the game to version 1.85, contains several new weapons (a civilian hunting rifle with optics, a revolver and an M-10 sub machine gun and a silenced G-17), new units (a masked Resistance soldier, standard pilot with revolver and a BlackOp with satchel charges) and two new civilian vehicles (a bicycle and a small car).

On the multiplayer side of things, two new official missions are included. "Sector Control" and "Flag Fight Hand Guns".

Various bug fixes are already included, one of which deals with the all-important in-game seagull behaviour.